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Kind of new-ish to lasers, looking for high power laser capable of igniting gasoline.


New member
Dec 23, 2017
Hey there! I am an engineering student looking to do a project on replacing spark plugs with high power lasers for internal combustion engines. The direct goal of the experiment is to see what effects it has on efficiency, specifically in wankle rotary engines.
I am looking for a high power diode for testing this, and am stumped with where I'd be able to find one for my testing purposes or how much power would be enough.
The laser would need to be able to fire 25-30 times per second at peak performance.
Thanks for any help you can provide!
We have some jaded members here, and we get lots of children wanting to burn things with lasers, so please excuse them.

If you're looking to ignite gas, you'll have to put some serious research and thought into this project. Buying the complete laser or the unfinished diode will be the least of your problems. One good point made by a member before me is that just shining a powerful laser at transparent gasoline will likely have little to no effect. And you must also consider the clenliness of the optics being used. Do some research into the differences between solid state and pulsed lasers, as they both act differently. There's a search function on the LPF website which you can use to answer most of your laser related questions (even finding a powerful/affordable laser). Some of your experiments will require more research into how the various wavelengths and output powers of different lasers impact the formulation of gasline used in those wankle rotary engines. Maybe you should test many different lasers instead of simply using the one with the highest output that you can afford.

If this is for a time sensitive school project, this experiment is likely too involved and will require too much time and energy for the deadline. You'll also need to devote time into safety considerations for the project, as the gasoline and lasers can easily burn down a building and/or render you permanently blind. Please respect our forum by putting in the time and energy to research your project thoroughly and exaughst the search function, then I'm sure you will be met with less cynicism when posting questions in the future.