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JLasers 700mW 520nm and 1.6W 450nm


New member
Jul 22, 2023
I have updated my post with additional information and full chat logs for all that are curious as to what went down.
I will defend myself, my business and my reputation as I simply don't deserve this treatment.

I did give JKXS 30 minutes of my time 2 days in a row. He is simply lying, look in our chat logs.
I do not know what a reddit mod is, it probably stands for moderator, I have no clue what that means or what it does.
I'm a regular user on JNader56's subreddit, and we are in contact personally on facebook.

Good day.
As I said in comment #8 in this thread (laserpointerforums.com/threads/jlasers-700mw-520nm-and-1-6w-450nm.109747/#post-1619594), if people want to see the chat themselves with timestamps they are available here, read from bottom to top (codebeautify.org/htmlviewer/y232c4ec9).

In my reddit linked post (reddit.com/r/jlasersorg/comments/15d4kwl/jlasersorg/) on comment #8 I provided a summary of timestamps, but here it is for you again.

Thursday July 20th:

1:32-1:33 pm (~1 minute)

3:34-3:36 (~2 minutes)

5:32-5:33 (~1 minute)

9:01(~1 minute)

9:21 (~1 minute)

I make "Phone tag" comment after I couldn't get even 5 minutes to chat

9:26-9:27 (~1 minute)

9:30-9:31 (~1 minute)

9:33-9:34 (~1 minute)

9:35-9:37 (~2 minutes)

9:38-9:39 (~1 minute)

9:42-9:43 (~1 minute)

9:45 (~1 minute)

9:51-9:53 (~2 minutes)

9:54 (~1 minute)

9:56-9:57 (~1 minute)

9:58 (~1 minute)

9:59-10:00 (~1 minute)

Total chatting estimate: ~20 minutes


Friday July 21st:

9:01 pm (maybe 5 seconds)

9:09 ~1 minute

9:11 ~10 seconds

9:12 ~10 seconds

9:13 ~1 minute

9:15-9:18 ~3 minutes

9:20 ~1 minute

9:22 ~30 seconds

9:23-9:24 ~30 seconds

9:24 ~30 seconds

9:26 ~30 seconds

9:36 ~10 seconds

9:37 ~10 seconds

9:44 ~30 seconds

9:45 ~30 seconds

9:48 ~30 seconds

9:49 ~1 minute

9:52-9:53 ~1 minute

9:55 ~1 minute

9:58-9:59 ~1 minute

10:33 ~1 minute

Total chatting estimate: ~15 minutes


Next reply is 1 message on Monday July 24 2023 12:38:06am


Next reply is Friday July 28th 12:20:21pm right after I posted my comment here linking the Facebook page to message him

Why are you editing your week old posts after making a new post? Don't you have "hundreds of existing customers?"

You claim I am defaming your business when I provided actual chat transcripts?

How does posting timestamps and chat logs of what you said negatively affect your business?

You took over a week after I first contacted you via chat (I emailed you on 7/19) to say you didn't want to sell to me?
The chat transcript speaks for itself. I bet that you would have ghosted me longer (or maybe you would just have never replied) and never told me you didn't want to sell to me if JNader56 did not tell you about my reply to your comment on his subreddit (scroll down to bottom with red highlighted comment box to see removed comments) that he permanently banned me for. reveddit.com/v/lasersforfun/comments/15bd3qq/green_laser_needed/?add_user=jkxs...new.all.t1_jtptllf..&

You haven't provided any response to my principal complaint that you did not say up front that you were not interested in selling to me, or that you were busy. Your Google drive photos do not include timestamps on every message like my link does. Also, they say the exact same chats so I'm not sure why you posted them.

Screenshots below: