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Jetlasers vs Optotronics?

Oct 5, 2013
I tried searching a bit, and while there are a lot of threads about each of these companies. I didn't see a thread comparing them head to head.

I want to know how the RPL and PL-E Pro compare to each other.

From what I know, both companies have excellent customer service. I also know the RPL has the best divergence in the industry (as far as I know). That being said, the RPL also has a very steep price tag.

The Jetlasers PL-E Pro is priced very reasonably for what you are getting. But I also know the divergence isn't too great. If you get a beam expander with it I wouldn't imagine it being too much of an issue.

The hosts for both the lasers are very nice. While they are both completely different to each other they are both extraordinary in their own way.

Now I didn't make this thread so I can give my opinion. I made it so I can see others opinions. I have never owned any one of these lasers so I can't say much about them. That is why I would like people to give their complete honest opinions on the lasers here.


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Nov 2, 2009
You should ask Shakenawake and/or Smeerworst to chime in here. They both own(ed) both lasers.

The RPLs are very nice lasers. It´s the dream of many LPF members to own one one day.

The downside ist that they are still very expensive. Opto hasn´t significantly changed their price for years. They still want to be seen as totally exclusive handhelds.
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Mar 11, 2013
they are both good, here is my final opinion:

I do think the RPLs are too expensive, even with good divergence. the RAW divergence is better on the RPL. there is no doubt it's beam is tighter HOWEVER, when you attach a beam expander to a PL-E pro, that 2mrad becomes closer to 0.2mrad. it's possible to get an expander for a RPL but not for under $100 like jetlasers, and they look clunkier on the RPLs IMO.

the 1mrad of my RPL is good, but it still is not the best divergence of my units (that crown goes to the humble LPC 826) my old PL-E mechanical (basically like a PL-E pro) had bad divergence, kinda like a 445. However, I had the PL-E mechanical before the PL-E pros came out with the Beam expanders, which is why I sold it, dissapointed with the divergence. I loved everything else about it though

Pros of RPL over PL-E (IMO):
1. adjustable current level tail cap for different outputs. though it's not really like having 9, more like 5.
2. better raw divergence
3. smaller host

I like my RPL, not looking to get rid of it, but If I could choose again now, I'd snag a 900mW PL-E pro with BE because

1. up to 400mW more power.
2. Ac Adapter option
3. many PL-E pros can use 1 or 2 batteries and still get full output
3. they can use 26650 batteries
4. the BE
5. it's cheaper, even the 900mW version with a BE is still cheaper.

If anyone with a 532 500mW+ PL-E pro and BE ever wants an RPL and wants to trade, I'm probably down

I dock both of them points for the shutter, the RPL has a dumb design, and so does the PL-E. the PL-E has one you have to screw off that could get lost, and the RPL's sticks out begging to be caught up on something

you can tell from these pics that it does not take too much distance before the BE makes a difference, thanks to gismo for posting such wonder

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