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It's 2020... Can We Safely Store our Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries in Our Lasers Yet?


Mar 4, 2020
Buzzed driving is drunk driving according to the law.
You missed the whole point. Different words have different meanings for a reason.
You keep freaking out about batteries
Citation? Where did i "freak out"?
People who say "it's *year*" is always followed by a dumb question that implies ignorance of common sense.
Huge generalization. An informed and worthwhile question can be asked in this format. Example from my very last comment - "it's 2020... why do iPhones still not use USB-C?".
You told us not to say something along the lines of...
I was essentially asking that people not be lazy in their replies. I removed these requests because I wanted to assume the LPF community did not need to be prompted to put thought into their comments.
You didn't simply ask, you came on with a huge attitude and then threw personal insults
Not a good way to ask for help.
Citation? I did ask simply, and I insulted only you after you mocked me.