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Is a one-off exposure by looking at the dot of a 445 nm 1w laser for a minute a cause for concern?

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Jul 15, 2019
I have no other good place to post this question, so please bear with me. I was recklessly shown how a 1W 445 nm laser burns paper, lights a match and melts a plastic cap. The demonstration happened outside. I did not know all that I know now about lasers at the time of the event. I looked towards the dot (not the beam, I knew that much) probably three times for about 10 seconds each from a distance of about one meter. I quickly realized it has been wrong, but it was already done. I felt dull pain in my eyes, which lasted throughout the evening.

I did visit two eye doctors and was checked and they both said that I have escaped danger by luck. So far so good, but I think that I am seeing a slight increase of floaters four weeks after, my left eye seems to focus a little harder (less well) and I see some halos around lights at night and some glare in the day (more light entering the eye makes the whole image seem a little washed out).

I am suspecting some macular tear, premature aging of the vitreous humor due to the refracted UV light which irradiated it along with an early stage of cataract again due to the excessive UV light which is apparently being reflected even from the dot itself; even in bright daylight.

Should I be concerned? I am usually easily scared and tend to play the worst-case scenario in my head in any health-related accident, but this sounds really serious. Please, according to your better knowledge of lasers, advice at what level should I be concerned from a one-off accident not involving direct hit by the beam.

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