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Introduction of myself.


New member
Dec 27, 2014
Hi, my name is Andrei but you can call me Limo.
I'm from Romania but I live in Spain.
I'm 14 yers old but I know a lot of electronics and computers.

My interests in lasers started a month ago (thankfuly) at school when a friend of mine who sold cheap iPhone IEM's and stuff showed me a lasr pen he had that was marked as a 500mw laser. In those days I didn't know anything about lasers. I was stunned when I saw the laser. I pointed it to a wall, made some lines, trying to see how far it reaches, and finally my best friend grabbed the laser and said "this gadget is not dangerous" but I told him to never shot laser beams at peoples eyes. He grabbed the laser and he pointed it to his left eye. I grabbed the laser from his hand and I shouted " you are going to blind your eye!". When I got home I searched for lasers in AliExpress and I saw some very cheap lasers marked as 10000MW... That was 10,000,000,000,000mw or 10 quadrilion mw!!!! I googled laser power differences and i saw what can lasers do. I googled lasers and I discovered that a lot of websites overrate the lasers power.
I got the laser virus. Now i have to own a laser and know all about lasers and make my own laser.

Making my own laser is what I'm starting now, but first I have to buy the diode, module, driver, housing and batteries. And I already know what components I should buy.

If you reached this far in to the text I thank you.

Master Philip

New member
Dec 19, 2014
Welcome, Limo!
You've found the right place if you're looking to learn about lasers.
As others here will, more than likely, tell you: You'll need safety equipment and knowledge of the dangers associated with lasers.
Here's a few links to get you started with laser safety:
Laser safety - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Laser Pointer Safety - A comprehensive resource, for safe and responsible laser use

I'm also very new to this laser world, so I'm not going to point you in any particular direction with regards to what lasers to get and why. I just wanted to pass along some information that might help you not go blind or burn your house down.

Have fun here at LPF! :beer: