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"inbound into customs"


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Apr 2, 2009
good ending..

I think in some cases a box is opened randomally which is nothing we have any control over...however having the batteries *with* the laser can be ones downfall.

That just makes it WAY too easy for them to fire it up and that is no good- thye may shine it into anothers eyes or thiser own- they could run it to death by not using any rest cycle and for sure they will most likely put the batts in backwords- so unless there is reverse polarity protection --NG.
I think the 16 G pointersthey kept of mine (the did send the otherr 17 btw) were caught in a radom check. there were no batts in the box- they were sent to customs 'Lab" and tested-(they said) btw the ones that passed were all way over 5mW too-- so go figure-- one thing that may help is to actually arrange shipping at the busiest times to increase the chance of your shippment being routinely passed thru..
I will trade a longer wait or no batts anytime over the alternatives.