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I want a laser in a gun-like host :D


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Nov 28, 2012
Did I mention I have a Star Trek 1.6W laser & a gun;)
Guns are everywhere and easily obtainable at least in the US. I believe everyone should be required to own one so every criminal knows that they are at risk and we all have the right to defend ourselves. In most instances I don't see the need for most people to carry one on them though. Too many hotheads around and I would fight any bill that would allow teens to carry until they are at least out of high school. Too much emotional stress and developing brains that don't seem to grasp that their actions do actually affect those around them.
Hunting is a completely different matter. Any parent can teach their kids to hunt. I think it's a good way to teach some responsibility and proper handling/safety.
Will also throw in that one of my best friends here is 18 and I'm 50 and I have tremendous justified respect for him and age is certainly not always the greatest maturity measure so no offense meant. It's not too difficult to tell who is actually mature compared to who claims to be;)
Now, what were we talking about?
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