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I need help to make this cheap chinese laser burn.


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Dec 11, 2015
ok that was what I originally thought anyway. I thought you meant that it would damage your eyes the same way a 500mw one would :oops:, are those cheap red ebay glasses sufficient enough? I don't want to use my eagle pair since I seem to have difficulty seeing any dot through the glasses.
A 500mW green is much brighter than a 60mW green, however a 60mW 532nm(green) is brighter than a 500mW blue, relatively. There is no baseline damage indicator for all wavelengths, it really does depend on what colour/wavelength we're talking about. My general rule of thumb is cheap goggles are for cheap lasers. If you get a 301 and a cheap pair of glasses that's fine to me, but anything better (custom build, reputable laser company etc) I would say go with a proper pair of glasses, regardless. A pair of glasses considered "proper" are the Eagle Pair from survival lasers. :)