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ArcticMyst Security by Avery

How to make a laser grid?

Apr 2, 2009
would be very funny if it were not true.
Chuck at AixiZ has been VERY kind to me and both forums.
He has even become a dual sponsor($300x2) for my BBQ team. ( 6 years maybe)

FOR SELEM He donated >$1000usd in door prize items -giving away ~ 5 or 6 Quickshow & Dacs
Analog green and blue lab lasers-- even tho he is never able to attend a SELEM or TEXLEM.. ( I stopped going to SELEM and so did the donations.[I did not ask])
AixiZ has been one of the very few who sponsor LPS.org.

I have gotten also to know Ms Maricle Xia and her daughter Zi.. Great people!
Zi & Xia-- Xia and Zi-- any questions about Aix iZ--?... I thought not.