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How many beams from a 1000 line/mm grating? FREE gratings to the first 6 posters*

Sep 16, 2007
I received the diffraction gratings (thanks, Cyparagon) and put some beams through it.
The results are:
405: 5 beams
450 - 505: 3 beams
532 - 660: 3 beams

I'll make some time to do a more precise test and get some photos for this thread.
I'd also like to measure the ray angles of the first and second order beams from the 405 nm laser as well as the first order beams from 532 and 660 nm lasers. Hopefully the two diode lasers are close enough to their design wavelength that the deviation doesn't ruin the calculations.
I'll use those angles to determine what the actual line spacing is.
If I can make the time I'll do a comparison with the extra diffraction gratings so we can get an idea of what the variance is like.