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Aug 14, 2010
Hello all,

I'd like thank the administrators for keeping up a fine forum. I'm a chemistry/physics teacher and am always looking for ways to interest my students. A colleague brought getting some lasers to my attention, and offered Wicked Lasers as a source. I looked them up, saw what they had, and ordered three lasers: a 650 nm 200 mW, a 532 nm 5 mW, and a 405 nM 100 mW. I haven't been thrilled with their service up to this point, and I've since read some horror stories about WL. I may be looking for another company that offers lasers of similar wavelengths and outputs that will actually ship my lasers.

As a teacher I'm looking for "cheap", realiable lasers in a variety of wavelengths that I can use for classroom demonstrations.

I hope I haven't gone beyond the scope of this part of the forum. I look forward to learning from those that have gone before.