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Hi From Wisconsin

Jan 12, 2011
Just wanted to say hi and thanks in advance.
I find I am drawn to things not easily bought, and the thing I find most intriguing about lasers is I know next to nothing about them. So that's why I'm here to lurk around and learn as much as I can. I'm not one to just jump in and start buying lasers, more of a pleasure delay type. I am more interested in building one for myself.
I found you guys after I threw out my dead PS3 and a friend of mine told me about how I should have saved the drive for a laser hack, my regret turned to curiosity, but was forgotten until I recently saw a vid by kipkay making a poorly designed slingshot (my true passion) and seeing his laser hacks got me thinking about lasers. After what little I have found so far I am amazed how powerful of a laser can be had in such a small kit, I always thought the 5mw on my grip sight was the limit I would ever be allowed in the USA. Well like I said, thanks.