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Hey there, I'm Lou!


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Nov 5, 2017
I can also confirm that Lou is legitimately here for
Laser related stuff...;)


Definitely yes! No doubt about it lasersbee. Welcome to the group LOu:yh:
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Jun 3, 2007
I wish I didn't like lasers since they are dangerous and expensive.

So anyway, I got the green Laser 303 from eBay and it's amazing how powerful it is for 10 bucks! My brother got me a green Dragon Laser 35mW probably 7 years ago. First thing I did with it was shoot it at a plane. He told me not to do that.

I think that thing was $120 bucks back then. So it's really exciting that they are more affordable now.

I also got the chinese 1W+ Blue Laser. That thing is freaking nuts. I wish they didn't come with the Red safety glasses because I didn't realize until later that they don't work. They cut down the power of the beam but the Orange Uvex glasses from Amazon stop the beam completely! In fact, shining it at a white balloon has left my one eye a little sensitive since all I was wearing was the stupid red glasses when I got hit by the very diffused dot. No blind spots or anything just when I blink I can still see the lights that were just in my vision more than usual.

Speaking of eyes: I am thinking about getting the 589nm Yellow Laser from Dragon Lasers because the color looks awesome. If I get the 5mW one, I'm sure it'll be overspec'd to like 15mW... is that still safe to use indoors sans glasses if you don't get a reflection in the eye or anything? If not it'd be pointless to get a weak cool-colored laser that can only be used with glasses that change the color. So in that case it'd make more sense to pay (way) more and get the 50mW then I can at least see the beam at night shooting it at the sky (no planes, promise).

Lou (Pennsylvania)
Since you're Lou, who's Pouie?