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Hey mfo

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Jun 16, 2009
That being said, you didnt report anything negative.
Btw i dated a girl from Pekin years and years ago, used to run around charlestown and that whole area chaseing girls.

This thread was designed simply to draw out those i wanted on ignore, before there was any issues.
What the kid did was wrong, period.

Im new here, im not new to forums, i realize this is home to some and im just the new guy, however, im not going to have anyone disrespect me for stupid reasons, and im not the kind of coward who crys to the Mods, im saure they are busy enough.

Believe me , im not in the least concerned with my rep since it will not keep me from learning , i do not however have time to wonder who will be crawling over my every post with a microscope.
The kid took a cheap shot, its over and thanks to the others for coming out of the woodwork before they looked into the matter to see what was what, we have liberals on our site too.

You are not going to have a choice, get used to it with this attitude. So you are the kind to cry about it in a thread that the mods are now going to have to clean out and probably ban you for?
A ban will.
Not the sharpest tool in the shed. Enjoy your short, meaningless stay sir. :whistle:

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