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Hello everybody


New member
Jun 19, 2020
Hi everybody,

i am a researcher in the field of metrology and just getting into laser scanning.
For that I am starting to build my own laser modules in the lab.
Especially while searching for suppliers I wondered if people from the forum could help me.
I am looking for suppliers for collimating lenses who specify the focal lengths.
Also I am interested in blue laser diodes with an optical output power of 0,1W - 1W. I did not find much besides some OSRAM diodes.

I hope it's cool if I ask some questions around here?
Best regards,

Apr 2, 2009
WE like to help...
Can you look at some of the intro threads in the newcomers section (welcome forum)
Read some of them-- look for ones that got a lot of 'welcome' replies.
ANd it would be best that your place a location both in your profile as well as the title of your intro.

We might even have a member who can help you with blue diodes etc in person.

We really like to see any pics. (even your dog!)

Your job and experience maybe extremely helpful to members looking for a good career.. to late for me- but The general field of photonics has an unending list of whats new- who is hiring etc.

I think you would like to sub the free trade Mag--'Photonics Spectra'
The newest came yesterday.. one article is about entry level jobs --they can be done with a 2 year program.. -- 36 of them- a 4 year degree might get you a job that starts at $85K.

YOu can sub PS on line or ,like me, get the paper version by mail.

PS btw has been around IIRC 26+ years. every advertiser is another job source.
The huge (big phone book size) buyers guide has every company cross referenced -- and by location and what they 'make'
New laser patents are filed on an average of one per day.
Lasers are not going anywhere.. These days LED and plasma screens etc have resulted in less laser in Show biz-- LEDs are 'safer' and much cheaper...

SO,,,some of the above requires a location for you. (but that is entirely your call )

WELCOME ....we look forward to hearing more from you..best wishes- stay safe, strong and well.
Len Brazoria Texas

PM coming in re 1W 445 5.6mm diodes..cheap!!
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