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HE Laserscan 7. Does not recognize RIYA DAC

Jun 26, 2013
Good day. For starters I am not using search because so many of the related threads are so OLD any links and info is long gone!

I built a nice RGB projecter a few years back but kinda lost interest for awhile until this week. Wiped off the dust, machine works fine.

In past I use the HE Laserscan software due to nice library of shows. Having installed the newest version it runs but for some reason I simply cannot get it to project anything via my RIYA Lite DAC. I know the DAC works because I can use aLFI Player to display ILDA shows without any issue. Driver is in and functional so it does not appear to be any hardware issue.

On the LFI Player I can select the com port etc to set up my output. I cannot find any such options in HE Laserscan program despite it giving me dozens of windows all at once ( too complicated )

How can I direct HE to the RIYA DAC so I can use this for shows? My only apparant option for output is "None or Virtual Machine".

At a loss.....:cautious: