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Harvesting a laser diode from a laser printer?


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Apr 2, 2009
I guess I should update how my project turned out.

Taking the laser module apart, I found lots of front-surface mirrors.
I got more use out of the front-surface mirrors than the IR diode itself.
Because the reflective material is on the outside, light does not pass through glass and loss energy.
They are great to have handy for light experiments.
how about a 6yr old thread??
I never heard that about FSMs vs 'regular' mirrors--INSTEAD I thought the diff was ONLY one reflection. BUT i can see your point.
W/ a reg mirror you get two reflections ==one dimmer (a reflection off the glass). With FSM you get one refection ==cleaner and more power. I went very slow-(started with an old and soft toothbrush... and gentle- soft cotton rag- I finished the clean=up with a water pick tooth cleaner. very gentle.
I have had some success removing the coating with paint remover and then it becomes a FSM. its messy and does not always work well. The mixed size pack of round mirrors at HobbyLobby clean up fairly well ... if the mirror will be spinning (like for Spyro ) round is easier to work with. --enjoy ------------------hak

....ps I buy every polaroid one-step camera I see at thrift shops etc --average price $1- nice FSM (but kinda thin) and neat little DC motor.
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