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Greetings from BAZ


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Dec 9, 2012
Hey, my first post, so Ill introduce myself: Im Ben aka BAZ, a proud gaming and pc geek, playing video games, making websites and programing stuff, creating logos/art etc.. my internet hobby has been building my fun clan since 2009 and itll never stop. Otherwise I also love gadgets, a bit of scifi stuff and weird gadgets I have collected over the years. I have other talents and hobbys too like riding my motorbike, translations, playing instruments, but I always loved lasers, just recently I discovered a stronger than average green one on the flea-market/car-boot sale, a green 532nm <100 mW, doesnt say much more on it , its in a cheap pen shape. That was my first green one, all previous ones were those standard red ones.
The green one is nice and bright, but only for a second, then it gets dimmed down somehow, like half the brightness and it sucks, nomatter which batteries I put in there.
This made me realise that there are much better ones out there, and my search started.
In the end I am glad I found this forum. The best place to look for a powerful handheld laser.
Im planning on someday getting various diffraction grating caps, or maybe even its possible to have 3 letters as a grating, would be cool if I could have someone make my three clan letters initials as a diffraction grating thing.
But first I am ordering a new laser, a blue 2Watt+. Very nice forum. :beer:


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Sep 20, 2008
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Dec 12, 2010
Welcome! Be sure to check out all of the rules & stickies before making a thread! A lot of information is already here on the forum, but don't be afraid to ask somebody if you need help!