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Getting my Feet Wet, First DIY Diode Laser Setup


Oct 3, 2021
I'm now 'all in', with DTR's Laser Shop, and a 3.5w/445nm bench build using an NDB7A75 diode, Super X-Driver set @ 3.6 amps... a DTR-G-8 glass lens, and a 25mm copper module. I'll be driving this system with a mid-grade hobby style programmable bench power supply. Can't wait until the mailman delivers my goodies! I purchased the 25mm copper module desiring maximum heat dissipation, as I'm sure I'm going to want to run this thing for a while, while getting used to everything, and don't want to overheat my new gadget while doing so. That being said. What do you folks think about heat-sinking methods, qualities of thermal pastes, etc.? Are 'turn-key' systems, such as the one that I purchased, adequate... or should I consider additional measures for dissipating more heat, just to be safe?