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Mag Light Mods
Hi Rich,

Firstly, So sorry to hear you are not feeling well.
I hope you get better soon and are back to good health!

Those Mag heatsinks look very well made!

So I am building a 2 x 21700 - powered 3 x C-cell Mag.

1) Are the heatsinks for Mag D and Mag C the same? I assume so since they use the same reflector but not sure.

2) Do your heatsinks stick out the front about 4mm past the 'plane' of the lens? It sure looks like they do. That's a good thing for extra mass.

3) Does the heatsink bottom out at the bottom of the reflector cavity or does it bottom at the annular raised ring?

4) I am considering both Cu and Al. Do you make Mag heatsinks in Cu? Since I am using a large 35mm diameter DTR module, this will mean a whole lot of machining to make the center hole that much larger and Cu is difficult to machine compared to Al so if you do not want to make a Cu heatsink, I completely understand. In that case, I may just go with Al.

5) Cost?

6) Also, I need the Mag head to screw on but not all the way. I need it to barely cover the rubber O-ring on the battery tube. This will give me an extra 4mm (lengthwise) of space inside the battery tube. Do you have any suggestions? Maybe a separate spacer or a ring of metal as an integral part of the heatsink?

Thank you for your help! Once again, no hurry on this. Just get better and recover.
May our Lord safeguard your body and help you to recover completely!
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