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[FS] Scanner sets for sale


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Nov 10, 2008
Hi. I have following items that need a new home.

1. PT-30k set purchased couple years ago, has only about 2 hours of use. For what it is worth, i was surprised with the quality of the calibration these scanners had when i got them. No further tuning was done since the graphics produced were great. Afaik the mirrors are for 3.5mm beams.. Original price was 250€
Asking 180€ +shipping

2. Compact 506 galvos + red drivers modified by Steve Roberts(mixedgas on Photonlexicon) to work with the compact 506. This has only half an hour of use or so on it. Practically new! Unfortunately I somehow managed to broke the x-axis mirror while building my projector(see pictures). The mirror will be replaced soon with an exact same one. Mirror size is for 4mm beams. A psu is the only thing missing to get this going. Asking 350€ +shipping.

Regarding item 2, i can sell the drivers and galvos separately if you want, just let me know . In that case, i can offer the galvos for 250€(original price 300€) and the drivers for 100€(original price 160€).


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