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FOGGERS!! its time to get you ONE!!' -


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Apr 2, 2009
Fog ran thru an ice chest will make fog that lays down IF all air movers are turned off. I did it also with a dry ice-- much less mess too- I could not resisit the buble fogger today at walgreens- last one on the shelf- only 200W very tiny- no fog juice of bubble liquid- OK i have both and my bubble stuff is made with day glo concentrate from highlighters-trying it out soon- got the item for 32$ with the tax.
the CVs here (all 3 of them) also had very little and no foggers-
the other walgreens i called were out but did have foggers for 10$ .

pics on Tuesday


UPDATe- while looking at Fog juice by Froggy on feebay I found thaat they sell a juice MADE to lay down- I did not know that. They also h=made varying grades of juice for quicker dispersion- , for fire & rescue drills and more.

Seems that Gemmy makes about the only bubble fogger , at least in the low end price. All I see there look like mine but several colors - and decals .
The lowest was more than I paid (32$) so I guess I did alright - will know more once i try it out- I need bubble juice and the manual sez to not use homemaid bubble fluid- (or fog juice) of course they want you to buy their brand of both, no thanks- I will also be resuming my experiments with day-glo dye concentrate in the bubble juice with lots of black lights and also with 405 lasers.
First tests were underwhelming.
did anyone else score a fogger this year??

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Oct 14, 2012
Not to revive the dead, although it is that time of year,:D but with Halloween being over, it's time to try and get yourself a good deal on discounted foggers!
Hope you can find some GHASTLY good deals!