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EEV 8079HP Image Intensifier Tube with Built in Power Supply


May 8, 2009
I have a 8079 that is surplus to my needs. Has one blem on the cathode 0.5 mm in diameter just off center.

British MOD surplus has been setting in my parts draw for years.

Brits pulled them from tank vision periscopes and then placed them in controlled long term storage for spares, then auctioned them.

Has overbrightness protection when powered, but is not auto-gated.

The tube of choice for low cost night vision astronomy.

225$ firm + shipping. US sales only as is an ITAR item.

Will come in a custom machined heavy wall aluminum tube with a Pentax K lens mount on the hot end, and a lathed disk to close the tube on the cold end. K type lens go for 10-20$ on Ebay, so pick your own, preferably with a fast F number.. I need my lenses for a old DSLR. I never finished the eyepiece as a 25 mm diameter phosphor screen was good enough for my eyes when I was younger.

Great beginners tube, but check the weight and dimensions carefully before buying. Not for attaching to a helmet for playing paintball or quidditch.

Three tubes in series within one package, and very high resolution. While not Gen III, has respectable performance.

Needs 5.0 to 6.75 at 70 mA for power. Runs well. PM me if interested.



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