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Driving pet peeves or things that irritate h e double hockeys sticks outta you


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Nov 1, 2015
Semi's on the turnpike in the 2 lane section where the one doing 65mph decides that the other semi they are gaining on that's doing 64.5mph is just way too slow and precedes to hold the pace and pass on the left they get head to head and hit the foot of the bridge and loose steam falling back. The mile of traffic behind this event sees the whats taking place and battle each other to get into the right lane but wait! The Semi on the left is gaining speed again and he's going to finally pass the slow one. A gap in traffic is revealed and the Land Rover takes it swerving around to make a break for it but there is a disturbance in the force and their cell phone rings they must answer the calling and can no longer manage the break neck speed decelling back to 60mph. The semi on the right passes them by and the cycle continues and a new battle is born.

LOL. I was thinking of adding something just like this.
I live in northern Arizona, and have to use HWY 40 on an almost daily basis. Which carries a nightmare of 18-wheelers who do this all the time!
It's supposed to be illegal, and I've seen a few trucks get lit up by cops, just to get them out of the way.
One time on the way from Phoenix to Flagstaff, there was a rig doing MAYBE 55 in a 75. So the rig behind him started to go around, but didn't actually speed up to do so, which made a rolling roadblock. That one really pissed me off! So I decided to lean on my horn, while flashing my hi-beams at the idiot in the left lane. He must've felt my anger, and abruptly moved back into the right lane.
At least I felt good that myself, and the dozen or so vehicles behind me were able to carry on past that crap. :D


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Aug 16, 2007
There is a nice german expression for trucks slowly taking eachother over, which translates to 'elephant racing' in english.

In the netherlands it is actually prohibit for trucks to overtake eachother during busy hours on the roads (generally from 6 am to 7 pm or so) as it just causes so much delay for other traffic on highways that have only 2 lanes in either direction.

Fines for it are hefty as well, they are much higher for professional/commercial traffic than for private drivers: Overtaking a car where it's not allowed with a private car is fined 130 euros or so, doing it with a truck for business is 600 i think.

What helped more was upgrading roads though - many used to be 2 lanes per direction, while many now are at least 3, and some major ones 5 per direction and even up to 7 in spots with many on- and off-ramps.