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diy open can and blu laser


New member
Jun 13, 2007
chido said:
75mA, are you crazy? ;D (unless he has one of those freaks from an xbox HD drive)
If it's not one of the freak ones just start from 0mA and work your way up until it starts to lase, once it starts lasing add 10 more mA and leave it there.

As for the open can, is it in an aixiz module? If it's not then there's a high chance you could've killed it. All you can do now is to get the solder off the diode's pins however you can. Then solder wires to the pins and hope for the best.
He said that it was an LED anyway, so might as well hit it with 75mA if it is probably dead. If it is a freak that needs higher current to light up, than 75mA should be pretty good ;D