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DIY 50mW 532nm


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Jul 2, 2011
Review of my DIY 50mW 532nm

The story behind it
I got the host last June on my birthday as my first green laser. It was one of those "5"mW military style lasers and I loved it. Unfortunately it broke 6 months laser from the crystals getting misaligned and the dot was a lopsided mess that looked terrible. So since I loved the laser so much I decided to replace the module so I got a 50mw module from lazerer little did I know that the previous module had been 13mm and the on from lazerer was 12mm so it did not fit right I was going to send it out for a custom heatsink so it would work but I never got around to it. A little after I got the module I got a 200mW 532 from lazerer and so I did not really care about fixing my old laser anymore. Well 2 months later I sold the 200mW to get a 445nm and because it was not quite as great as I was hoping it would be. And so then I wanted a green laser and so I got some aluminum foil and tried my best to make the module fit this arrangement did work for a while but I would need to fix the aluminum foil every few weeks which became extremely annoying so I searched around my house for a small metal cylinder the perfect size and sooner or later I found an old red laser that was in a pen so I took it apart and tried it it worked perfectly and I was so happy. And as an added bonus it was slightly too large for the host and so when I screwed the top on all the way it pushes down on the button making it constant on or I can loosen it and use the button as just a clicky on/off as normal. The laser is not flawless I usually need to point it directly upward and hit it a few times for everything to make contact and it to turn on. I did use a 3.0V 16340 but then I found that the 3.6V 16340's I had where slightly longer and made it have a better connection and turn on when I wanted it too but it is still a pain in the a$$ so when I get the money and the time I will have a custom heatsink made and then the laser will finally be complete.


Duty Cycle: 300 seconds on 30 seconds off*
Heatsink Material: Aluminum
Power Output: 50mW
Wavelength: 532nm
Operating Current: <350mA
Working Voltage: 3.0-3.7V
Battery: 16340
Dimension's: 2.5cm X 11.5cm

*Just a guess the laser never really get's hot but on the other hand I never have it on for over a minute

Laser Danger Calculations

Potential Hazard=164ft
50/50 Damage=52ft
Flash Blind=775ft
Glare=3,464ft(1/2 mile)
Distraction=34,640ft (6.5 miles)


The Laser

All the Parts

With The "module extender"

With Heatsink

Without the head

On Desk

Beam Shot's

Next to a 1W 44nm

*Sorry for bad pictures they were taken with my phone
*I know no review is complete without an LPM test but I do not have an LPM. I hope to buy one in the summer when I get a job.
:thanks:For looking :D
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