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Diodes in XJ-V1


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Dec 14, 2020
I found a ca$i0 xj-v1 projector. Wondering if it's worth it at $300 to buy for laser diodes?

Does it have 8x nubm44? if so, then why is it lower brightness than the XJ-V2 which also has 8 nubm44?

Jul 10, 2015
The V1 has only 7 diodes and they are good for 6W+ when overdriven. NUBM44-V1
The V2 has 8 diodes and they are good for 7W+ when overdriven. NUBM44-V2

How many hours does the projector have on it ? Unless it's a new old stock unit that hasn't been used then it's not worth 300.00

Note: If you have never harvested these kind of parts before there is a little skill involved, you must use a heat gun or oven to melt the indium that holds them in the block and to de-solder the pins from the board, it's not a big deal ....however if you haven't done this kind of work before you could ruin the diodes.

You can get re-canned NUBM0E's for 40 bucks on ebay and they are good for 6W+ and are a nice 455nm, same divergence as the 44
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