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DINODIRECT presentation laser


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Nov 2, 2009
I was looking for a solid presenation pointer for my powerpoint presentations on the university.
The lasers we have there are dirty, damaged, weak or don´t work cause of dead/not loaded batteries.
Green seemed to be too bright for a smaller room for a 50-80 people audience, couldn´t find a true 1mW one.

Found the solution here on DINODIRECT:
New style Wireless One-piece red laser page turning pointer pen N30 - DinoDirect.com

The pictures on the site shows a NOVA logo, on other pics the NOVA logo is blue, mine says KNORVAY. I googled the
brand and came to the manufacturer site. On this site the laser costs ¥218.00, that´s about $3. I paid $28.00 including
shipping at DINODIRECT
. Conclusion, high price just for drop shipping!
The laser is powered by 1x AAA which gives >1h runtime if a 1.5V is used. The back of the laser goes to the USB-Hub,
orange light shows when the remote is activated, bluelight on the pen itself when turing up or turning down the page.
A simple `click´ actives the laser, another `click´ deactivates it. It comes in a nice solid case, with soft material inside.

The whole process from ordering to the receive took a bit less than 3 weeks. Communication was fine. Was in contact with
a nice girl from the the DINO staff . Got a notification when the laser was sent out including tracking.

Guess it is about 1mW. My LPM isn´t able to measure it. Don´t get any values.


The box containing laser, manual and manufacturer guarantee

The presenter and the receiver

Beam with water particles in the air and dot

Overall experience
The laser is too expensive for what you get. For this price I expected a integrated 64 or 128MB memory for
saving documents without using an extra USB during the presenation. On the other hand, it feels solid and has a nice finish.
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