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Custom Diffraction/lumia.. DMX control for DIY Projector..STARBURST!!

Apr 2, 2009
this GB thread a work in progress.-- ATM is only a feeler..
Maker is too busy ATM to deal with selling these that he has in stock.

but I FEEL with enough buyers at the right price he may let 10 of these go.
And he has said if enough buyers wanted he would get many more made.

These are like a big part of a DIY 2 or 3 color projector is alreay done.


update..11/1 stil no reply so we make our own version..
made in TEXAS USA
dele all not original pics-- sry aijii


Building your own TTL RGB lab modules is easy.. the kits come with all but diode and driver.
the rest --heat sink-diode mount-- fan and wires- lens nut and some come with a glass lens included.
one driver has places for second laser.. ofter a green lab has , on its driver.. places unused.. mainly for red but I have made 532 green work
and added fans.
I also would be adding a second wheel with more grates& /or lumia -- w/ a second motor and motor driver.

None of the pics belong to me.. used only for ideas on building them. Make ATM is not interested in selling anything,...best way to reach is EEKbay/ 'aijii' (dave) /contact seller.. then take it to email.. do as little as possible via Feebay message-- monitored big time
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Sep 20, 2013
Sounds interesting, Len. What exactly are you trying to buy here? I have an RGB laser that I could use for a projector. Is this for some lumia glass? Or is it for diffraction gratings? Are there motors included or do we need to supply those?
Apr 2, 2009
here is what others have wrote in the feeler.. (some highly respected folks.& I have met most. )


DMX Rotating burst grating Kit - controller and Burst grating

This is a bit of a feeler.

Here is a DMX board i have been using in burst boxes I have in my hire stock for a few years now. I have 10 kits pretty much ready to go. If they are popular, I will make a lot more.

The board has a white OLED display, NV storage of DMX channel and hard output limit.

There are outputs for RGB lasers, and on-board motor driver capable of DMX control of speed - slow to fast speed in both directions. Also, there are 2 3.3v TTL outputs with a DMX channel to control each output - these could be used to drive actuators.
(he sells those too)

Kit contains the 2 PCB's and a slow rotating burst grating. All you will need to add is a power supply, a laser source and house it in a suitable box.
absolom is in for one I know..

he wrote
"Oooooo"ooooooh! I like this! Are the drive boards linkable? I assume the laser outputs are just 0-5v to feed to a laser driver, right? I would love to see a multi-channel version of this for multiple lumia turrets (unless the drive boards are linkable) Bravo, I think you're going to get a few lumia guys interested in this


make dave : >The display board has been designed to be fairly open, so I could redesign the smaller board to have whatever outputs are required
(note from hak- the readout was chosen because its afaik the only 'color' that makes it easy to read while wearing eye protection)
from BRAD.. (who wants everything==llol)

Yes, interested! Even though there has been a lot of playing around with gratings and, I have motors and such, after being at the UKLEM and seeing the Lightspace Venus with the Bean Burst built in, there is a renewed interest in making use of something like this. And I'd much rather (believe it or not) buy just a kit to do it versus buying a new projector or two.

yes I am interested

Got some video example of the effect ?
And what are the 3 2pins connetions between power and motor. ?
And what are the three 2-pin connections between power and motor?In the parent post Dave mentioned that the board also outputs RGB color signals to the laser(s). I'm assuming those connectors are for thatAdam
______ (hmmm parent post? )
So basically the board could also just act as a DMX to RGB 0..5V, 3 channels, and several units could be daisy chained? So I may be interested for a few dozen of units, but only the electronic boards to drive RGB laser modules..

maker/dave--Spot on mate. There is a Motor output, then 3 colour outputs and the 3 pin connector has two TTL outputs .
brb w/a pic of another of Daves creations that would afaik go very well with the basic kit--a way to add more wheels etc
Apr 2, 2009
Sounds interesting, Len. What exactly are you trying to buy here? I have an RGB laser that I could use for a projector. Is this for some lumia glass? Or is it for diffraction gratings? Are there motors included or do we need to supply those?

It can be both or either... .best motor control possible. I do not know if he has any of his other stuff.. he is not round all the time.

but his stuff is awesome- he mills his own brass for mounts.. I have done some biz with him and other than his being busy -- I felt well taken care of.. -- PPal was a PITA paying him-- made me split my payment into two payments.. would not let me use my PPal Credit.
but none of those hassles were cause by Dave.. I will reach out and see if he can just give me an idea of whats left.. including asking again about the Burst Kits.. I do know about how many of those he has ~10 pcs
but he ha said he can get MANY more made -if wanted.

I have never had to get an customer support from Dave so cant say anything about that?? its best to assume the seller trusts that you SHOULD not need help.... he deals with Pros-- his stuff sells well-- if you can & want.. you can see those other pics..
he sells KVANT -- that should tell you something. our burst kits are only important to us.. he asked about interest in june- you read the replys. I think I can get some of them aboard-

- but assuming all liability -- and all the 'what-ifs
' .customs -inspections etc. his shipping to USA starts at $25.. I am all for paying more or the best & safest way.. the when (fastest) is not as important imho
AND considering he is ATM very busy.. we have a better chance if we make this ALL very easy for him.
like sending all in one box and reship from Tx20170922_184108  RED 700.jpg
somebody asked about LUMIA and I have been wanting one of these for some time.
swapout the piss poor 15K galvos from one of my ailing
or dead REKE 500s-- you would have DMX control as well as ILDA db25 --another choice is the LK mini.. it has DMX-- no scanner at all.
very small. but doable.

Thumbnail is a mounted lasorbed 700mW --red sold to me by Platinum

and then a 6 IMG_1129.JPGdiode knife making 800 mW with 1.5 mrad (4.5mm)View attachment 61653
4 available - $300 each plus shipping
637nm red module, currently producing 800mw, 4.5mm, 1.5mrad beam. . TEC cooled. Built in house

load that one later,zzzzzzzzzzzzz

and he has more items for sale- remember this is his 'sideline' he wears many hats.. & now is his most busy time.
He may have no time to give us at all.
a small order may be doable OR a larger one made easy by shipping all in one box (CONUS & Can.) for reboxing and reshipping..
He does not make the lenses or diodes.. (or the Lasorbs) but the rest.. he makes.. he has between 2 and 4 of each other items.. The burst kits he guesstamates he has parts for 10. and afaik he also has lots of small items like brass dichro/knife edge mounts.. and more.
I sure would love to check out all these. IMG_1129.JPGIMG_1130.JPGIMG_1130.JPG
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Apr 2, 2009
when I try to dele the extra pics lose both.. sry
here is more text..
& prices and inventory as of last May --some he may have less of some items. and he has a store [FBook based] - check out ALL Dave makes..

Scan thru grating kit. This has a linear and burst grating ( lightworld - these are good gratings ), and also GM20 for shutter. Board has TTL inputs for the 2 servos and GM20
4 available - $200 each plus shipping

Lumia wheel attached to geared down motor with pwm speed controller
3 available - $100 each plus shipping
^^^ I am thinking these go well with the starburst kits.

IF you have no experience with such projects you may want to study up THEN buy.
as stated, neither Dave nor I can promise tech support.. I doubt any instructions come with. (any item)

aside from his PBS cubes and the second hand 700 reds from dave via Jonathon (Platinum) (they are not for sale).
I have no experience with Dave's stuff

this^^^is a servo powered scan thru..
the squares are high quality glass diffraction grating.. the servo moves them in and out of the laser beams
he had 4 of them- asking $200 each
But the Lasershow forum thinks he is as reliable as DTR (but DAVE
got here first) IIRC he makes/sells his (earlier ) version of the 12x30 AixiZ blank modules.. looks like those very picky about what they buy will not use AixiZ.. over a 'Dave' module.. .

so I will try to fix the double pics when I figure that out.

If you are serious about any dave items let me know-- I will keep a list.. first come first served.
Hope to get an update on at least his inventory (approx.)
I cannot say ATM how this will work.. if at all.

I have no clue about how long before Dave is not so busy.

He just wrote that the interest at PLex was not high enough for him to follow thru. My hopes are that more LPF members can be his customers too.. even if it takes a long shopping list to get him interested ,,,, as said, there were 5 months ago at least 6 or 7 wanting the starburst kits.. so with mine .we could be > half way there..

I CAN say for sure ..the PBS in the dual blue modules (10mmx10mm x10mm) are very able to handle 44s at full power-so from 3W to 10W upgrade IMO would not be very hard to do-- (afaik)
check the inventory for the other items.. between 2 and 4 left atm. ( and he may have sold some stuff so..)
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Apr 2, 2009
SO... we should not wait longer..we can make these ,
and s GB needs to happen to fund the parts we need .
many will make their own version--some wont and they can get them here.About the same prices but less ship cost and quicker delivery== we will warranty for 30 days & fix it

.... IF you cover postage costs.
we will start with the Lumia.. buyers will get two glass wheels and more are offered.
Prices depend upon the cost of glass and the degree of difficultly cutting it.

Soon we hope to offer the StarBurst kit.

no pics (of my own) to post and its bad form to post pics of items made by other sellers.
this is the motor we will use...0.6 rpm reversable and speed controller --w/ RC.

this is coming and working with seller-
this design is good but a simple angle 90 piece would work . these go for $100 each.

I can cut glass-- I see no real need to make hole--JB Weld to spindle..
to turn/move FSM beam reflector... so additional lasers/wheels/dif grates etc
like beam table--using RC step controller w/ remote

you will see pic in link.

TO Turn/ move beams we will use the step motor controller w/ remote''

^^^ sorta like a Beam Table Projector.
.. as Paul wrote a RGB or RGV 'white laser' w/ ttl is all you need for a basic controllable Lumia Projector and a housing (or not)
next to it you could mount another motor controlled moving StarBurst Lasers==
and turn the lasers to go thru it..

Gadget is working hard on this.. & has considerable investment in lathe/mill gear.
WE need 10 'wanters' paying upfront $100 for each (CONUS & Canada only --sry)
Pricing will vary.
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