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Burning questions about burning...


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Dec 9, 2010
While a laserCNC would be ideal, it is far out of my $ range, and beyond my safety/result ratio.

I will be investigating other options, like CNC with a soldering iron or perhaps hiring a cadre' of Thai children.

but again, thanks to all for setting me straight.


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Apr 2, 2009
Well for starters-- your skillet needs to be hot, not too hot-use plenty of butter( clarified works best) or Pam spray or oleo. its easier to turn them in a skillet with round 'edges' A new small teflon works but I am olde school and use well seasoned cast iron. One with a diameter of aroud 6/7 in is just right for one to three eggs.

Dont mess with the egg or eggs(more than two are very hard to turn over) and when the egg starts to firm up loosen it around the edges and give the pan a few jerks to and fro keeping it even with the stove burner.

If the egg slides easily you are ready to flip. pros know just how to pull the skillet towards themselves, then a quick push forward and quick back and the egg should roll over you must have the plate ready- give the egg just a few seconds to firm the top then repeat the motion to flip it back over then quickly with plate in your other hand slide your egg onto the plate.

For the first few times you can use this method and a spatula at the same time. just casually flipping it over breaks the yolk more often than not.

OR.. when the egg is about ready take a lid that is smaller than the pan but bigger than the egg and dribble a few drops on water into the lid- gently place the lid over the eggs so the water drip into the pan NEXT to the egg put the lid over the egg and give it a few seconds to steam the top of the egg and it will look like you turned it. what ever method you use giving the pan some back and forth movement to keep it loose in the pan as you go helps a lot-

If the egg is stuck you either did not use enough butter or your pan was too hot, when i use the steam method I like a glass lid as it allows me to see when the top of the egg has turned white. Pros never stick the spatula under the upside down egg to turn it back rightside up as breaking the yolk happens.

Next time you are at a Waffle House type place where you can watch how they do it-take some mental notes. Its all in the wrist and your timing. You will see that once over they waste no time plating the egg- unless it is ordered over well instead of over-easy. Also I always break my eggs into a small bowl then into my hot skillet. making sure no pieces of shell get into the pan.
If the yolk breaks when dropped into the bowl --they get used for eggs scrambled or an omelet. After a few hundred over easy-- the hard part is over and the rest is easy.

'Taxi Driver'(R Dinero)... ' So, whats your name?'

J Foster: 'Easy'

'What kind of name is that?'

'An easy one to remember'
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