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Black buck 5.5A reverse polarity fuse location


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Jul 9, 2009
Wait in this video by
he does not add a diode so is the video wrong?
Or am i not understanding correctly?
Edit:Ah sorry paul just noticed that I am on the 2nd page anyways so it was the 2nd one I did not understand correctly
Old post but just saw the Afrotech mods link. Good stuff he did with the vids. The guy behind the computer voice is named Timecop on RC Groups and several other sites. He was a major contributor to the open source multirotor flight controller caled multiwii. and was the force to port 8 bit Atmel to 32-bit stm. Every racing drone flight controller has its DNA in it. As time went on his attitude changed from helpful to smartass to a totally belligerent ass. Everyone watched him go through what seemed like a mental breakdown. Sad to see such a smart guy go through an obvious mental health issue.