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ArcticMyst Security by Avery

Biggest-best and unique--go one time & get hooked

Apr 2, 2009
If you were wanting to attend the next 'SELEM' you are too late ;-(
BUT we are using the same name for the awesome meet in newark del. first week in Aug. (monday to friday) I am fine with that-- 5 SELEMs in a row will do that to you . I hosted a mini/popup LEM near me just weeks after my 1st SELEM.
IMO they all 'count' .. MANY reserve their vacation so they can attend-- some of the biggest and best LaserShow folks join us and pay the same BUT they pay and do not do a paying GIG during that same week--
Some travel by can/van etc and bring super gear to share with us. unique antique gas lasers!! and projectors costing >5K.
pay today-- while the cost is lower--$119
not refundable
IIRC you can give your 'ticket' to another member and get payback from them.
Too much gear to fly-- did that one time..
'hated it' !
I will not go on forever about this-- your loss NOT mine.
AND way too much great things there to list--someoen esle can do that or you can ask around.
I call this LEM:
World Series of laser.

I never hear anyone say--'waste of my time' or 'too expensive' etc
instead 'I will never miss another '
'I want to host one' (< a lot of advantages to do that)
So how many forum members and laser experts have you ever met??
Will they welcome into their homes and let you 'surf' a couch?
I will warn you-- both the LEMs and lasershow projectors may change your mind about HH lasers.
REALLY- how many times have you used your collection (of HHs)--?? do they make you and your friends smile??

before the ban hammer comes down on me-- LPF is my fav and where I got my start.
And I always bring a few HHs with me.. While members there think badly about the idiots who do the stooopid stuff, You will be welcome there. we say 'if you do not know SAM-- you do not know much about lasers--Sam graced us with his presence twice ( it was a big group effort ) I was blessed getting a yellow HeNe hand delivered by Sam at SELEM. The BS&T area has lots of great deals--especially in the final hours.
The door prize drawing in NOT to be missed-- IF you are elsewhere- no prizes for you.
I won two my first years each worth >$500. So did others like ICEC.

The name may be changed next year-- too late for this one & I see that as a tribute to the 13+ LEMs held in NC.. There may be some very close to your area-- some have happened many times ''
some not--FLEM (iirc in Orlando area) happens a few times every year. UKLEM is big.. I check that forum often to see where the next one will be ...AND if I ever hit the 'lotto' I will go to as many as I can.

You just might get to be there via ZOOM. it is all in the Meets n Greets forum. Some happen w/o much advance notice IMHO it only takes a few forum members and a few projectors and fog/smoke to make a great LEM.
They do not hate LPF members and never did. That is a myth .

Prolly from the one idiot who thought that shining his 532 one time on the screen during a laser show was a good idea--NOT! DUH!!


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Sep 4, 2020
There's already a sign up thread on two forums.