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Jan 29, 2014
Yes, there are some old threads on some flat plastic laser diodes here, not sure if it is the same diode or not, might be, or similar to what has been discussed earlier. It is both red and 780 nm IR, dual. For my use I'm going to put a string of 12 of them side by side on a flat heatsink bar and shoot them all into a 8 inch long plano-convex cylinder lens to make a high power low divergence line. I know, low divergence for a line? What? The line thickness will be low divergence, not the left right spreading.

Regarding www.AsitaLaser.com - look at this screen shot, see where they don't recognise this statement in the web site template that they should put an "english" name and address in there to fake us out they aren't in China etc?

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