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Are you tired of dealing with the 'Lazor Haters' this will help you--'just the facts mam'

Apr 2, 2009
again this is from Laser Pointer Safety or LPS.

The author has NO reason to use any exagrations . Pure the facts and science.

READ it all and look also at all the links for the complete and true story.

It all goes back to falling into a vat of chocolate-- you yell 'FIRE'- as nobody comes to your rescue if you yell 'Chocolate' it is not all that differnt of those who cry ' WHIPLASH' in the slightest of accidents.

About the only thing that can be seriuously harmed--are cameras.
Lasing aircraft is another story-- flashblindness is very bad but rarely results in real eye injuries.

Most, if not all, lasers at demonstrations are pointers-- very low power. --hardly can be called 'weapons'

I did not see much that I did not already know. But I and many of you here are the exception-- in some ways 'we' ALL are Laser safety officers.

Its all just common sense. btw the police lasers are NEVER 'just pointers' -- and they have tear gas-rubber bullets- beam bag loads- and real guns/bullets -- plus nightsticks, attack dogs and they are almost totally armored- helmets, bullet proof vests, face shields (some with laser protection strips) . HD gloves and more-- they all are linked by radio--- the protesters have cell phones and a bandana-- and a rag over thier faces.. oh yeah they have thier blinding lasers.

I have known all about this-- from (and before) May 4th 1970 when my friend Jeff Miller (iirc he was only 19 or 20) was shot in the back of his head by a highpower rifle in the hands of another 'kid' a National Guardsmen at Kent State U --- my alma mater. I was not there that day--my friends felt something bad was going to happen so they convinced me to stay away...they were correct ...3 others were murdered most were NOT demonstators-only Jeff --and some were wounded/injuried including one who lost the use of his legs. THe REAL bad guys in this was the president of KSU and the Govenor of Ohio and the officer who fired first which caused the kneeling GIs to fire ,, most randomally...

rant over

hak out