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Are you going to S.E.L.E.M.???in N,C, 8/20/2010


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Feb 25, 2008
I hope to make it this year. When is it though?


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not sure yet around same date as last year i think
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Apr 2, 2009
Best place for info on LEMs has to be the Meet n Greet section at PL, without PL there would be no SELEM--much props to them for that.

Adam (Buffo) is the guy that really does a surperb job of organizing it. IIRC there is another day added due to the huge number of laser shows and projectors- afaik it will be the weekend of Aug 20. It does not hurt to come early and even if you do not own a projector there is a lot you can do to help out. A majority of the attendees stay at the Holiday Inn Express and if you dont mind being a little crowded four can stay in a nice two room Suite(w/kitchen) for about 25$ each per night. Walmart is next door. There is a large continental Breakfast there and it it a short drive to the most excellant venue. A BBQ feast is done and depending how much food is left after the first day of feasting the uneaten part is re-heated and offered the next day.

WORD of Warning---You may return from SELEM finding yourself somehow no longer satisfied with handheld lasers.

Honestly,aside from collecting them, there is not a whole lot of use for pointers. If you find satisfaction building your own handheld , it is not nearly as satisfying and your first DIY rgb (white laser) projector.

Last year a Seminar was held all day Sunday by Casey Stack-(he worked on the laser/water shows at Disney) at it we learned so much about pro show lasering and some of the ins and out regarding the legality and how to be compliant and obtaining a variance. And we got a huge discount on the cost of attending and had a great time too.

There is a swap room with many tables FULL of great deals. There is a doorprize drawing held with some incredible stuff and a lot of it too.(never hurts to donate something for this--hint hint)

All this and way-cool shirt too.

Carpooling is a geat way to save $$ and spend some time getting to know those you ride with.

I am trying to organize a van leaving from Central Texas. Its an all day drive so it would be best to take off for N.C. on the afternoon of Wed. There is a big meeting room at the HIE where after hours laser shows are done. If you fly in its very likely that you would find others at the airport to ride to the venue with. There will be a place to post stuff like rides and rooms at PL. Once you are there getting a ride to and from the venue is a snap.

BEST thing of all----NO one will be asking you....'So what the heck is up with you and those damn lasers, anyway???'

At SELEM laser is spoken fluently.
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