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Anyone here grind lenses


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Jan 29, 2014
This thread has me kick started trying to find something like this lens, so far nothing found.

I can see why this lens configuration is so long, simply due to the needed spacing to both expand one axis and then collimate it back, functionally, it is the same as a cylinder lens pair but would save on both needing to adjust the spacing between two lenses, and the mount being simple compared to using a standard cylinder pair. Although, due to being a fixed length and unable to adjust the spacing, these would have a limited wavelength range, is my guess. If so, you would need to buy a different lens for different R,G, or B colors but that really isn't different from some of the cylinder pairs I see offered, due to AR coatings..

Update: I checked with Edumdoptics using their online chat, they don't have anything like this lens as a one lens solution, they suggested this: https://www.edmundoptics.com/optics...-line-coated-unmounted-anamorphic-prism-pair/ - Since I cannot find a lens like this, I believe it would be better to concentrate on designing a easy to use mechanically adjustable cylinder pair lens holder assembly similar in shape to what Edumind Opltics is offering, as shown at the above link, and using BBAR cylinder lenses. Design that and have them machined, I bet you would have a group buy, especially if you could get them small enough to fit inside a small tube which could be placed in front of a standard Axiz module.
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