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Any idea what happened to my laser?

Robert S

New member
Jan 21, 2015
About 2 month ago, i bought one of these C2 2100mW 462nm Lasers from Bitlasers.

This is one of the beamprofile pics i took, for the review i was going to do. I was a try at least.
There seemed to be something on the lense or whereever those shadows were comming from, thats at least what i thought,
but i didn't want to try and clean it because i was kinda afraid to make it worse.

After that i didn't have a camera for a few weeks, so i had to wait to retake some of my shots.

However, sometime i unfocused the laser and pointed it at a wall when i was doing some tests with my goggles, when i noticed
that those round shadows or particles where gone and the profile was a clear bar.
I kept rotating it and suddenly they came back into the beam, like they were rolling around in there and kept moving while i rotated
the laser.

I turned the laser off a few times so it could cool down and tried it 2 more times untill it broke completely, or whatever you want to
call this :

I probably never left it on for more than 30 seconds at once and i also never droped it.
In fact, i was really careful with it because of my Hulk Ultra which rolled off my table, like 4 years ago
and has some beamsplash since then.



Well-known member
Dec 9, 2008
Hm, looks like it LED'd for some reason. The laser is within warranty, so if you contact me on email (gitlem at gmail.com) we can arrange a repair/replacement.