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Another Scam - Be Aware

Mar 30, 2012
I have bought laser stuff from China before and waited over 2 months, then the seller finally sends a 99 cent store plastic watch, that way there was a tracking number and a delivery, pay-pal said they could not help me because it was past the time limit.

I suppose they are attempting to better protect buyers now, otherwise people would be afraid to buy, I know that I have been screwed before, that's one reason I pay more to buy from someone I trust, but I can see why pay-pal and ebay want to protect buyers, because it's their business that's at stake.

There is a list of bad sellers here I do believe, but it's easy for the thieves to change a name.
Anyway you have emails showing the buyer got the items as he mentioned a scratch and a focuser alignment issue, that in it's self should have cleared you of his claim of non receipt, and pay pal/visa should have contacted you before reversing charges, and 6 months later, that's unheard of, I didn't think they could make a claim past 30 days.

Yep 180 days is now the new limit. PayPal suck these days.

Jan 29, 2014
I ordered four flashlights from China and received a package with tracking that had little red balloon in it! The owner in China said one of his employees stole the flashlights and sent the package like that to get him into trouble... well, it worked, turns out, looking at several feed backs right then, he did this trick to several buyers... in any case, his ebay account was closed down and I was refunded.