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Aliexpress seller tells truth! 445nm @ 10mW

May 14, 2013
405nm blu-ray diodes are nasty little burners, I was burning stuff across the room with a 700mw output one earlier today, they seem to have more punch for the power than 445nm, just that you can't see the beam very well.

I agree and maybe a higher power density due to a smaller dot. The one I have at only 590mw is as dangerous as my 1.5W M140 build. I remember someone here did a video showing one that smoked black leather at about 90 feet and the dot still wasn't very big at that distance.

The diode is probably an underdriven PL 450
or PL 450B. That is a pretty good price,
too. A whole laser for almost the price of
the diode.

I think there might be another low power diode we don't know about here. If it was an underpowered PL450B then it would still have to cost more.