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Absolutely Beautiful Laser Rainbow with Krypton Argon

Dec 8, 2020
Men looks awesome! Does the laser that you used has a model? I would like to do the same but with some chemical additions.
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May 1, 2021
I am just getting into this and realizing I have so much to look forward to and learn., these pics are for sure inspiring! (and that list of ions in your tag line made me jealous 😁 - My sad gas laser tag line would read:
(No coherent photons being generated at this time)
SP multiline argon that I somehow think I destroyed almost immediately but got me hooked on gas lasers and am still crossing my fingers I can fix one day
Deconstructed confocal parts:
-Olympus/Omni/Melles probably SL 488 from confocal but have no idea if works since waiting on power supply to arrive and crossing fingers on both
-Showa GLG5416 632.8 and GLG7000 543.5 HeNe's that may or may not work since I can't for the life of me find a female Q series Alden connector with the square/round plug to build adapter and don't want to hack the laser heads or my power supplies yet...maybe tonight.