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AAAARGH !!! ..... INTEL designers and programmers wanted (as food)


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May 26, 2009
Offlined for almost a week.

Just finished to recover my system from a crash ..... no, from a serie of crashes .....

First, my PC start to act crazy with the disk, and no more system disk detected ..... thoughd it was the main disk, so, dropping some saints, substituted and reformatted all ..... then turn it on again and "POOF", intel chipset and disk controller on the mainboard (P5KPL with ICH7 Intel chipset) took fire (literally), and burned the electronic of the new disk too.

Dropping some tenth of saints, took new parts and assembled a new PC, P7H55 this time, with I3 and H55 Intel chipset ..... another new disk, reformatting again, reinstalling all again (keep present that it need almost 2 days each time, cause there are also all the work and fiscal applications that must be installed, registered and activated one by one) ..... ok, all seem working ..... but, no, the sata hot swap function does not work, so i cannot connect the disks for the data saving ..... searching, i discovered that, opposite to the older ones, the H55 chipset does NOT work in sata hotswap mode if you don't turn on AHCI support in the bios (GRRRRR)

So, reading on Intel sites, i see they say you can integrate the ACI drivers in an already-installed XP system ..... following their instructions and using their drivers, i integrate the drivers, reboot the PC and, guess ? ..... NO MORE DRIVES DETECTED, both in IDE and in AHCI mode, system totally corrupted (AAAARGH).

Dropping some hundred of saints (a STORM of saints :p), reformatting, integrating the AHCI drivers in the XP disk, reinstalling all again (for the third time !!!) ..... well, til now, perhaps it works .....

But i ensure you, if i find who developed H55 chipset and related drivers, i can invite a lot of peoples for lunch ..... fried steaks ..... meat so fresh that, when i cook it, it's still screaming :eg: :eg: :eg: :eg: :eg:


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Apr 28, 2009
I know the feeling. Haven't had issues recently though. At least you won't have to invite me to dinner, because I don't work there anymore. :D