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A little help please

Aug 14, 2018
OR they bang in on their palm a few times and point into eyes again while turning on and off--WHY?? my theory ---- it is ingrained in us from many years of doing that exact thing to a flashlight..
Does anyone really do this? That‘s some kind of movie effect, like cars that explode when hit. Everyone KNOWS that this treatment does not help in real life. But as soon as the hero enters a dark and dangerous place, the flashlight HAS to flicker and go off and the hero HAS to bang it several times to get it on again. Not to „repair“ the problem, but to waste some seconds in darknes to give the evil time to creep in unseen. Light goes on and shines in an ugly face starring of slobber dripping teeth. Scream. Cut. Commercial break.

That‘s what will happen when you bang your flashlight. So don‘t.

And do NOT look down the barrel either, to see what prevented your gun fiering.