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8V AC Adapter specs for JetLaser's PL-E Pro


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Jan 16, 2019
I forgot to add this adapter to my order. Does anyone know the specs on the 8V adapter so I can p/u one locally?


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Oct 14, 2012
You should try and contact hakzaw1 (Len), he is our J/L representative, he may have one, and he's located in the U.S.
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Apr 2, 2009
Just got here.. I do have one and will try to find it and get the mA- I wanna say 2A or about that...center pos. Grey wrote that other 8VDC that are cheaper work fine.

btw another owner asked if he got the AC/DC would that turn his PL-E into a Lab laser?
well IMHO
there is no fan like a labby has (most)- way less heat sink and they are not as cheap or easy to repair. Some labbies have TEC cooling.. JL tried that and the heat from the other side of the TEC was a problem as was the extra power drain.
PLUS some diodes are more robust and survive things other diodes would not.
The 'new' blues afaik are robust.

I would say you can email Grey and ask but he wont be back for another iirc 5 or so days==CHINA is CLOSED

I would never run mine once its getting warm on the outside (to touch) as to me that means the diode is VERY warm =on the inside. (time to rest cycle) I am sure others can come up with good reasons to run a hand held that long...But not me... why risk?-- I say own as many as it takes to treat them all with care and proper rest cycling.

AND this EXTREMELY important -- there is a third 'hole' near the AC 'in'
(afaik the 3rd one is same but for different 8Vdc plug--male rather than female)

THE ONE I am talking about 'looks' like it is for a tripod BUT IT IS NOT SAFE TO USE (as-is) There is barely a full turn before you bottom.. the metal is ALLY!!! very soft.
ONLY a fool would take that risk.. If you could find a way to add to the support and you were not planning to carry it around a lot attached..MAYBE.
The balance with and without BE is going to change.

hot tip
when using the wall wart your batts inside are getting charged. kewl.
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