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473nm Home Build.


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Nov 11, 2016
Hey everyone.
Today I wanted to try to build a 473nm laser using parts from B&W tek laser, which was rated 10mW.
Tried to look Sams Laser FAQ, but couldn’t find anything about my case.

I replaced an old 1.5W 808nm pump with 3W one, with FAC lens.
The problems started happening when I tried to put an YVO into collimated beam. Got only sparks of blue light, randomly, after that it never happened.

Some advices for my crappy setup and bare-handed alignment?
The beam is just going through crystals and nothing special happens.
Crystals are kept in moisture free space.
Do I need to fix in place cavity and try to align other optics?
I’ll try to remove all optics and try to use only pump beam correction.