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445 Build in custom Laserlands host

Jan 23, 2012
Heres my latest 445 build, in a customized Laserlands host.

THIS is the host I used. However, mine arrived slightly different, for the better. It didnt have the flat typically machined on it for logo placement.

Its not really quite enough heatsink for this diode, but it works well for a short duty cycle.

I did machine the "focusing" portion to allow the module to contact the head portion as good as possible. Its also what retains the "pill". It screws down pressing the pill in place, then the end cap is screwed on.

Fitted it for a clicky, machined off the knurling and gave it a nice smooth look.

The pill contains a MicroBoost set at max ~1100ma

Went for the brushed look on this one.

The pic with the green end piece is a fluorescent Lego part I stole from my son. It fit perfect in the aperture, and the beam just clears the hole in the center. It fluoresces very brightly!! Its not permanent, it was just for fun!!


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