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    Just curious if you got my PM's about the greenie, and if you want to trade still or not...
    Yes, when I get it working 100% I will post it in the "laser shows" forum.

    What problems are you having?
    Hey Sputnik!
    I came across your post regarding the iSHOW Windows 7 64bit post and saw that you were coming up with a solution. I received my laser today (having issues with it - but that's a totally different issue) but I also have the iSHOW 2.3 USB-ILDA DAC and software (even though I use ********* and Norms) and I'm having issues with the 64bitWindows 7 situation. If/When you get the driver fixed can you send me a copy of it to try? I am really new to this and I'm looking for any help I can get. Let me know!
    Thanks for any help you can provide,
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