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    Sharp 490nm GH04850B2G 55mW Laser Diode

    Dude I've been away from the hobby for years and now I come back and see continuous rainbows everywhere! I might have to pick one of these up. It'll be my first new laser in who knows how long!
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    My Review of the Green Tritium Glowing Key Ring from DX

    Bump. 5 more years to go. It's still glowing! :na:
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    UPDATE! The four lovely ladies. MS V3 SET COMPLETE. (pic heavy)

    Nice set, Tmack! Make sure this planned expenditure of yours includes a pair of safety goggles as well.
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    Oh lurk every now and then, just been busy with my other hobbies. :)

    Oh lurk every now and then, just been busy with my other hobbies. :)
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    Cool Knife.

    I've bought so many knives over the past year it would be a pain just to set them up to take a picture. So here is my favorite.
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    Laser for marking spots in a room

    If the laser modules you buy do have a driver, and not just a current limiting resistor, then you can wire them all in parallel and power them off a single 3v supply. I think these do have a driver. 50 x 650nm Red 5mW Laser Diode Module Dot 3VDC Pointer | eBay Not sure about these. 50XMINI...
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    the Golden Age of the laser hobby

    It hasn't hit yet. Wake me when some Yellow diodes are a dime a dozen. -Tony
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    Need a new colored Laser

    Color the lens on your red 5mw pointer with a blue magic marker. :san: You need a larger budget buddy. And yes there is a very noticable difference between blue and violet. This would be your best bet. 50mW 450nm laser pen /single mode/round dot [OL-450-50P] - $82.00 : Zen Cart!, The Art of...
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    Post a picture of yourself!

    Me at the beach driving my baja. -Tony
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    Cool Knife.

    Got a few more as well recently. Gerber Crutial, Benchmade M51, Cold Steel Ti-lite, various Kershaws... :wave: -Tony
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    http://htwins.net/scale2/ O.o -Tony
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    Osram PL450 450nm 80mW power chart

    Cheers mate! Thanks for taking the time to upload this!!! -Tony
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    Blu-ray diode used to do direct laser write lithography

    Right on man! Nice work, that was a very interesting read. It's always great to see hobbyists use lasers for something other than burning stuff. -Tony
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    Making complete laser

    This type of question comes up all the time, and the short answer is... No. You can't take a 1mW diode and turn it into a burning laser. The little diode was never made for much more than 1mW or even 5mW what ever the case may be. You'll need at least 100mW before you get into the "burning"...