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    Don't post illegal and moronic ideas

    The Darwin Awards Still alive and kicking today :). wow, here's a pretty impressive example... http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=wheelchair+darwin+award Not only did he ram it till the doors came unhinged, but somehow he thought it was a good idea to ram it once more just for good...
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    Don't post illegal and moronic ideas

    I understand that, I just expect Darwins theory to come into play for people like that.
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    just checking in

    In the spirit of Lawyer jokes...
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    Post your most memerable video games

    Doom Tomb Raider Gran Tourismo Diablo SOE (until they ruined it) WOW (simply because there is nothing better) I currently play WoW, it's really not that exciting of a game, but there simply isn't anything better out at the moment as everyone is apparently trying to emulate WoW instead of doing...
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    Online Color Challenge - How well do you see color?

    I got a 31, not too bad considering I'm half red/green colorblind to begin with lol.
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    Don't post illegal and moronic ideas

    I certainly agree the post in question was in regards to something illegal (stealing is always illegal). That being said I don't think it's a bad thing to have those posts up. If you managed to read the thread before it was deleted then you would know that we not only pointed out the legal...
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    Ilegal to Sell Class 4 Lasers?

    Lol, so are you trying to tell me that you think a desk lamp uses the same amount of radiation as an X-ray? Yes, light generally contains small amounts of radiation, but an X-ray contains large amounts of radiation. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if someday down the road we suddenly...
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    Arctic Knockoff on Ebay

    The point of Aircraft grade aluminum is that it is lighter than standard aluminum for the given strength. In short it's just a higher grade of aluminum.
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    Post Your GUN (PICS)

    I know that's a legit bullet puller, but am I the only one that thinks it's a really bad idea to use a hammer like device to remove your bullet from the case? I just can't help but think all sorts of bad thoughts in regards to this style of bullet remover. I agree with the previous poster who...
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    Trouble setting flexdrive.

    I was thinking the same thing, Not sure if I have the right driver in mind but I recall reading that you had to remove one of the resistors in order to hit the 1.5A limit. I would also work on cleaning up your solder a bit if possible, the video linked above will make for a much cleaner solder...
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    Building a heatsink using a lathe

    If it were me I would have him redesign the axis module its self for a project lol. The heatsinks usually use a set-screw to hold it in place, but it should be a relatively good fit to begin with or your not going to be transfering enough heat.
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    Ilegal to Sell Class 4 Lasers?

    Have them sign a disclaimer indicating that they are aware of the dangers involved in owning and operating a class IV laser and accept all risk and responsibility and that you cannot be held liable for any damages caused by laser. If they aren't willing to sign that waiver and accept...
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    The "what is your technical back ground" thread.

    Computers for me. I have a degree in application development, and currently work QA for a development company. I have a relatively basic understanding of electronics, and can do some basic soldering, but that's about the extent of my abilities with lasers. And I have little to no knowledge of...
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    Almost a laser, and it can light a match too.

    Video looks fake to me, though the concept is certainly sound.
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    Is this thermal compound safe to use?

    For Heatsinking it should work fine, that's exactly what it was designed for. However, it does contain metal in the compound so ideally you don't want to use it in a manner that would bridge two connections causing a short. Even a minor short could screw up your diode. So as long as you're using...