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    Where can I buy a "DTR" laser power meter?

    I thought of that myself. Or just physically blocking part of it
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    Where can I buy a "DTR" laser power meter?

    I am aware of that. I want to test them for myself and put it up on video in the laser GRBL community. Some are better than others
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    Where can I buy a "DTR" laser power meter?

    To put this thread back on track. I am looking for a laser power meter to test up to 40 watts. I am going to start testing the cnc diode laser heads for myself. There is a lot false claims, and junk ones out there and a few legit ones. I have two that are marked 30 watts that seem to put out 5.5...
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    Laser Recommendations for Large Format CNC Fabric Cutter (that's not CO2)

    You can try a bigger "7"watt output sold as a "30" watt module. These are great on cutting small pieces. You can get them for under 200$ anywhere on ali express or Amazon
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    NEJE 40W - 15W optical power output

    I have one of these duel heads in a machine. It will write on a stone and cut like advertised. O was also able to mark stainless steel using home made Lexmark
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    Which Laser Pointer Do I Need for my Patented Idea?

    What is the purpose of the circle? Why can't you use a scanning laser from a dj's party machine?
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    Laser to melt plastic bag?

    Lol, Ill send my husband. That's what he did for the power company.
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    Laser Recommendations for Large Format CNC Fabric Cutter (that's not CO2)

    I'm going to give a couple Asian built 30 watt portable CNC machines a try in the near future as well. One will have an open gantry so i can just move the whole thing around with the material spread out on the bench. I'm sure i will have about 8 watt output as well. The other will be a closed...
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    Laser to melt plastic bag?

    Your hand won't be steady enough at that distance. Try a rock or small weight and string. Toss the weight up at your target and try to snag it. Or practice throwing a football at it. That worked for me. That said, Even if you did try to use the laser pointer, you would burn it out trying.
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    Daylight visible laser at 600yds

    Nope. Two problems: divergence and size. That said even if you did it just wouldn't be safe. Any sniper knows a laser gives you away so your target might shoot you first
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    Fat diode laser head for portable CNC

    I'm going to try out a desktop CNC from Ali express. I know a lot of the modules described as 15 watt or 10 watt have an out put of 4 or 5 watt. I know this will cut 5 mm in three passes Has anyone tried any of the fat ones that are marked 30 watts. These are new. The video shows it cutting...
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    A table top laser engraver

    I looked at these. I can't operate this in a regular job site without some kind of shroud . i found another enclosed baby cnc for about $328 by Yanee in China. And they also sell a pantograph open like yours for about the same as yours. Im trying to source a protective box you could just place...
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    Fluoroantimonic Acid - The Strongest Acid in the World

    First thing that came to mind. Keep the baking soda handy in case one bleeds on you. In the video watching that drumstick being burned with acid made my skin crawl. That needs to be included into OSHA safety classes
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    Need advice - Need laser to burn top of trees (a bit geeky)

    I would hire the shirtless hunk but you can hire who you'd like